Why is it easy to work with us?

1. We value our name.

2. We respect and appreciate the business we do.

3. Using our thousands of deliveries experience, we take a responsible attitude to each order, accompanying it from the first call till the moment of usage the product by the client.

4. We listen to our customers and work on expanding the range of available products.

5. Due to our strong relationships with dozen of factories in Russia, CIS and EU market, we offer only the most reliable products.

6. All the activity of TopReg Company is absolutely clear, and we strive to ensure that our partners understand every our step.

7. We supply products from warehouses in Central and Siberian Federal Districts.

8. We are flexible in making decisions and always find the most appropriate form of cooperation.

9. We constantly raise the level of business skills. Taking part in seminars, trainings, learning from the best teachers, our employees apply that knowledge in their prectise.

10. We are patient, persistent and friendly.

11. We like to do everything in a beautiful way.