History of TopReg Company

• TopReg Company, a supplier of additives and agents for petroleum and petroleum products on the domestic market, is founded.

2008 – 2009
• The Company boosts its business by signing a number of general agreements with producers and consumers of additives both in Russia and abroad.

• The Company is reorganized into TopReg Company LLC. The Company’s main goal is now to develop and launch efficient products under its own brand.

• The Company enters the international market for fuel additives.
• Using its own resource base, TopReg Company begins to develop the UNIQ premium fuel in collaboration with the All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Refining and Afton Chemical Corporation.

• The Company begins to produce its own additives at EU-based petrochemical plants.
• The Novosibirsk branch of the Company opens.
• TopReg Company begins to offer the first additives for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the Russian market.
• Dun&Bradstreet international agency upgrades the Company's rating to 7, which proves TopReg Company’s high reliability.

• The Company sets up its own vehicle fleet, which allows to optimize transportation of products.

• Facilities for manufacturing own products are launched at a modern petrochemical plant in the city of Dzerzhinsk. A thorough quality control system for incoming and outgoing inspection of products is introduced.

• Annual production at the manufacturing site in Dzerzhinsk amounts to more than 6000 tonnes of various products. With the 7-day working week, the manufacturing plant switches to the 2-shift working schedule.
• The number of petrol stations that offer the UNIQ premium fuel keeps on growing, and the fuel brand is now represented in seven federal districts of Russia.

• The active growth of exports. Geography of shipments has been significantly expanded - produced additives and reagents are supplied to the countries of Europe, the CIS and the Middle East.
• The production capacities in Dzerzhinsk City have been increased to produce products by organic synthesis.

• Commissioning of a separate laboratory for testing in order to create and select additives for fuels.
• Modernization of production facilities. Development and commissioning of depressor-rheological additives for gas oils, paraffin oils and fuel oil.