Additives for gasoline

Multifunction packages (detergent additives)

Gasoline stabilizers

Combustion activators

Additives for diesel and heating fuel

Depressor-dispersant additives

Depressor additives

Paraffin dispersants

Antiwear additives (lubricants)

Multifunction packages (detergents, lubricants, smoke suppressant)

Ignition promoters (cetane increasing additives)

Combustion activators

Additives for crude and residual oil

Depressor additives

Demulsifying additives

Anticorrosion additives for industry

Neutralizers (absorbents)

Combustion activators

Gas additives

Emulsifying additives (solvents of water)

Multifunction packages (emulsifiers, detergents, lubricants)

Fuel identifiers


Flavour additives